solo show at
San Francisco, USA
May 2015

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polar bear
polar bear,  2015
oil on canvas,  50/62 cm,   19,7/24,4 inches, private collection
white rabbit
white tiger, 2015
oil on canvas,  33/41  cm,   13/16 inches
white rabbit,  2015
oil on canvas,  38/45  cm,  15/17,7 inches,
private collection
artic fox,  2015
oil on canvas,  27/35  cm,   10,6/13,8 inches  private collection
snow leopard,  2015
oil on canvas,  24/33  cm,   9,4/13 inches,  private collection
white wolf,  2015
oil on canvas,  22/27  cm,   8,7/10,8 inches,  private collection
lemur,  2015
oil on canvas,  19/24  cm,   7,5/9,4 inches  private collection
seal with polar bear hat,  2015
oil on canvas,  60/73  cm,  23,6/28,7 inches, private collection
white rabbit with fox hat,  2015
oil on canvas,  54/73  cm,   21,3/28,7 inches, private collection
fox with roses hat,  2015
oil on canvas,  38/45  cm,   15/17,7 inches, private collection
white rabbit with orchids hat,  2015
oil on canvas,  27/35  cm,   10,6/13,8 inches, private collection
black panther with tulips hat,  2015
oil on canvas,  33/41  cm,   13/16 inches, private collection
giraffe painting
giraffe with iris hat,  2015
oil on canvas,  33/45  cm,   13/17,7 inches, private collection
cheetah with poppies hat,  2015
oil on canvas,  24/33  cm,   9,4/13 inches, private collection
  caracal with lily hat, 2015
oil on canvas,  33/41  cm,   13/16 inches, private collection


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